With the soul retrieval, it was as though the floodgates opened and I could connect with my inner world. I've tried other practices such as meditation, Reiki, etc. but could not get very far with them. This shamanic healing is the first spiritual practice I've done that has had such immediate results.  One of the best results of the session is that I used to guess what happened in my past, but now I feel that I know what happened, and it has put my mind at rest. I am filled with gratitude and consider it a blessing to have been led to you.  The soul retrieval is definitely pushing me forward and causing me to rethink many aspects of my life. Marie Aguirre, Chicago, 2015

In general I have a feeling of being more whole.The "brother" that was tangled in my root chakra is someone I deal with on a daily basis, and his emotional swings do not affect me like they previously did.  Now his emotions feel more like his emotions instead of them being both our emotions (if that makes sense)...I have been more at peace with my surroundings and I'm feeling like things are more the way they are suppose to be;  it is a very pleasant feeling.  I'm finding that I have been assertive in interactions with people socially and professionally which has been nice.  Definitely a change for the better. R. L. Chicago, 2015

I had the soul retrieval due to problems I was having with my boyfriend. I hadn't communicated with him for weeks. After the session, something shifted for me and I was able to sit down and write him an honest letter and mail it off. We were able to dialogue about our differences and come to a better closure.
This session got me back to myself and my center. I feel grounded. It opened me up! Things shifted and continue to shift due to the session. This is wonderful and valuable work.

I never realized how tense I was till after my soul retrieval! Now I feel a profound sense of peace, and that I trust people once again.

I had insomnia for eight years. The day after my soul retrieval, I finally got a good night's rest. I had broken up with my boyfriend several months before the soul retrieval, but couldn't get him off my mind. Since the soul retrieval, I've stopped obsessing about him.

I feel genuinely happy, like a little girl again. My parents, the doctor I worked for and several friends all said, "Gee,     you look different than two weeks ago. You look happier. You're glowing." Another friend, Diane, said, "A veil of darkness is gone from your eyes. Your eyes have a crystal in them." In a recurring dream I had seen a four sided crystal and I walked into it. During Reiki treatments in the past, Diane felt that I had a light which was trying to come through but it couldn't come through the darkness, and now it seems to have emerged.

Since the soul retrieval, I find it easier to make decisions. I'm more decisive and not as worried. I feel more mellow. I did the soul retrieval because I felt a need to start afresh in my life, and it's helping me do this. It was great being able to express myself to Joan, I felt I could talk to her about things I'm not able to with a lot of people.

I had some kind of lumps/cysts all over my body under my skin. After the soul retrieval, in which Joan extracted what looked to her like bone spurs, the lumps were gone. I feel great joy and happiness that I haven't for years. Ever since I gave my baby son up for adoption thirty years ago, I have felt a deep sadness. Now this sadness is gone. It's nice to feel joy again. I also stopped eating junk food. I feel whole. The day I had the soul retrieval, I got the urge to start cleaning my whole house. I haven't cleaned my refrigerator for years, but now it's sparkling! I started singing while washing dishes, and felt that there was the spirit of a Native American girl outside. There's color in my cheeks for the first time in years. The night of the soul retrieval I slept well for the first time in years. When I sang, it was a little lullaby comforting and welcoming the returned soul parts. I could never get excited about anything. Now I do!

I am divorced and my children, now teenagers, do not live with me. For years I have always become depressed on their birthdays. This is the first year I have not had this reaction! I feel there has been a closure to this conflict.


I've had more get-up-and-go energy, not wanting to just sit around after meals and make small talk. In journaling, I got a message of "live for today," which was good.


I can feel the energetic changes. The day after the soul retrieval I was able to finish some legal work that I had been avoiding. I'm taking fewer tranquilizers. I was able to let go of my obsession with my old house. I'm much more patient, which is a huge accomplishment!


Day of soul retrieval: I feel very weepy. A happy, grateful weepy. I am an actress, and 8 years ago I had bronchitis and my voice changed, it became very shallow. I couldn't reach depths. Right now, after the soul retrieval, my voice is deeper. My voice has remained deep. I can tell it's different than before. Two days after soul retrieval: My power animal has brought me a sense of freedom, of being comfortable with allowing circumstances to be as they are without having to control them.

Two days after the soul retrieval, my husband and I got in an argument, and I felt like the frightened little girl I used be to when my grandmother would yell at me: that I would rather have someone hit me than being mean to me. I haven't been in touch with these feelings in years. Over the years I've become callous to abuse, but suddenly I'm sensitive again. So this little girl soul part is definitely back! I also have had happy feelings. I find myself humming - I haven't hummed in a long time. These changes may seem little, but they're big to me. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. But after the soul retrieval, I felt energetic, went to work and cleaned the garage, and I want to paint the house.

The grasp my ex-husband has on my life is still there, but diminishing. Whatever reason, past life, abusive relationship cycle, letting go – this man had a terrible and very abusive hold on my consciousness. Your session made me aware. I learned new aspects of my behavior with others. I am still learning to cope, like an alcoholic, as to the meaning of this.

I had fibromyalgia for ten years, and during that time I would miss work at least five days out of every month. After my soul retrieval, I immediately felt much less pain! Before, I used to miss at least five days of work a month. Now it's down to one day a month. I can even exercise more.


I went home after my soul retrieval and opened my closet. I said to myself, "Why am I dressing like Barbara Bush [conservative, matronly]?" I've changed to a more youthful, stylish wardrobe and I feel like myself again. Also, I had fibromyalgia, and now the pain is much less. I don't miss work as often.

This session got me back to myself and my center. I feel grounded. It opened me up! Things shifted and continue to shift due to the session. This is wonderful and valuable work.


I had insomnia for eight years. The day after my soul retrieval, I finally got a good night's rest. I had broken up with my boyfriend several months before the soul retrieval, but couldn't get him off my mind. Since the soul retrieval, I've stopped obsessing about him.

Two days after soul retrieval: I've had good memories of my father for the first time in years, things I had forgotten. My father came to me in a dream for the first time in ten years.

My whole emotional state is great! I feel joyous. Better than since I've been a child. My cravings for alcohol have gone away, and I've had a drinking and substance abuse problem for ten years. I feel like I got over a huge hump in healing from my alcohol addiction.

I was going to take a semester off school due to feeling too stressed, but now I don't feel I need to. Each day seems to get better.

Two days after soul retrieval: My power animal has brought me a sense of freedom, of being comfortable with allowing circumstances to be as they are without having to control them.

You saw the spirit guide I see often, a beautiful lady with a peacock colored gown.

I'm feeling more peaceful. Especially in traffic! My power animal gave me peace, inner strength and confidence.

For the first few days after soul retrieval, I was very depressed due to the memories coming back from my childhood. I also had an episode of feeling and acting like an infant, drooling and rolling on the floor.

2 days after soul retrieval: I know there's a difference I can sense it. I feel lighter. My thinking seems like it will be different. I have a tremendous heaviness in my shoulders, but my lungs feel clearer (I've had asthma for years.)

4 days after soul retrieval: I did remember something that happened in high school when people laughed at me and didn't trust me, just like you described. The heaviness in my shoulders is gone, the energy readjusted. I feel these energy shifts will continue for a while.

People tell me I seem lighter in spirit. I haven't been crying about my ex-boyfriend the way I did before. I notice subtle changes. I'm visiting my family and friends for the holidays and I'm interested to see if they notice any changes in me since the soul retrieval.

The first two days after the soul retrieval, I felt very tired and wanted to sleep. Now I have more energy than I've had in ten years. Everything around me seems more vibrant. Even my dreams are more vivid, and I had a lucid dream where I was conscious that I was dreaming. Also, my sister had received a soul part back. The day after the soul retrieval I saw her and she had a big smile and said hi in a friendlier way than she has in a long time.

I feel more confident. I speak more easily without stammering. I don't have as many depressed thoughts. My mind used to dwell on thoughts of bad things that happened in my past; suddenly, this "replaying" has stopped. I feel more whole. I notice things around me more, the five year old soul part is very observant.

I feel less fear and more calmness in my life, especially about sexual relationships, which have been an issue with me for many years.

It used to bother me if people criticized me or tried to tell me what to do. Now I think for myself and make my own decisions. I don't worry what other people think. Ever since I broke up with my boyfriend six months ago, I used to have this morbid scene running through my mind that a gun was in my mouth and I pulled the trigger. Not only does this scene not happen spontaneously, I can't even get myself to think of it when I try. The need is gone. I've gone to psychologists in the past, and they helped me feel better during the actual session, but I didn't feel any long-term transformation. This work is true transformation!


I feel more grounded and centered. It sounds like a cliche, but I feel more whole. One of my soul parts that came back had been with my father. When I came home from the soul retrieval, I took down a picture of my Dad I had on my wall for a long time. This is to remind myself to focus on myself. I feel less frantic about a relationship that I've been trying to develop with a male friend of mine. I'm not worrying about trying to get his attention. I feel more at peace. I'm slowing my life down to a more reasonable, relaxed pace.

I feel fuller and more complete, more collectively "together". I feel brighter. Before the soul retrieval, happiness manifested for me in a kind of angelic, ungrounded sense. Now, I can feel happy and grounded at the same time. I've been able to get focused about my next step in life.

I feel calmer and more productive. I had finished all the course work for my doctorate in political philosophy, but every time I started to write my dissertation I was overcome by negative messages in my mind saying my ideas were stupid and I shouldn't bother to write them. The day after the soul retrieval, I finally began writing my dissertation! I'm enjoying writing, my "inner critic" is gone.

I feel light. I don't have as much fear. I had also been feeling uncontrolled, chaotic anger about something in my life when I came for the soul retrieval. For days I had been physically shaking and throwing things around my house because of this anger. Since the soul retrieval, the anger feels contained and manageable. I was also having tremendous pain in my neck and shoulders, which is where I hold my tension. Now it's almost gone.


I had been obsessing about my boyfriend, who I had broken up with. Now I'm not as devastated. I was actually able to tell my boyfriend I was angry with him; I could finally be candid about my feelings. Before, I was feeling that I had to run away from him and couldn't talk to him.

Also, my mother told me she wanted to come and see the theater production I'm presenting. This is the first time she's been so supportive! She's willing to make the plane trip from Chicago to Florida to see it. [Note: we had retrieved a soul part for Denise's mother.]

I feel wonderful! I feel calm and relaxed, I'm not anxious the way I was. I've been sleeping well at night.

I feel lighter. My power animal gives me the feeling of a light "buzz", like things aren't so heavy anymore. It's as though a bag full of water has been emptied, the pressure has been relieved. I feel more at ease and at peace.

I'm feeling lighter, clearer and more directed. I'm not obsessing the way I was before. I'm stronger and handling stress in my life better. I've also noticed increased psychic ability. I'm more in tune with my body and my instincts. My relationships with my boss has improved, and I've been meeting interesting people. I'm glad I met you, you've really encouraged me!

I'm feeling better. I feel more complete. I can remember my dreams better, and they're giving me insights. I began confirming several things that you saw.

I feel more calm. The session was great! I had a headache when I came in to the session and it was gone by the end. I was very impressed by how clearly you saw a lot of incidents that have happened in my life - you have authentic psychic gifts.

I'm feeling more relaxed, which is a big change for me as I've been nervous and jumpy for a long time. I feel more "full", for want of a better word - more present.

I felt very emotional right after the soul retrieval. Some energy had definitely shifted. The next day, I felt more strong and stable energetically and emotionally than I had in a while.

I felt energized and balanced. There was a part of me that was healed.

The soul retrieval brought a new sense of focus and clear thinking. It definitely stimulated my mind. I've always been a creative person, but after the session my mind was exploding with creative ideas in a way I haven't experienced in a long time. The healing brought a grounded feeling to soul and body.

My physical energy has improved. There had been a disconnection of energy form my legs; now it has re-connected. I'm opening up to people more. I was able to resolve a major conflict that I had with someone.


I realized that I had been living in fear and anger. I'm able to let go of anger instead of holding on to it. I feel that I've been able to put things into a better perspective. A weight has been taken off me. I'm more aware of myself. After several surgeries, I became separated from my body. Now I feel greater body awareness, I feel my physical body more present. I especially connected to the muscles of my stomach. The things Joan said helped me confirm some things I had suspected but wasn't sure about, things I thought I had only imagined.

I have an overwhelming sense of peace. I’m in my own skin. I’m not nervous or anxious the way I was before. Everything is back inside of me.

I have hope now. I was asking the universe for help, and I feel it now. The little girl part feels immediate.

My memory is better. I had a passing thought of a childhood incident that I remembered. The power animals are fun! I have a sense of well-being that I haven’t had in a long time.

I’m feeling an urgency to communicate better. I remember little snatches of dreams; I’m sleeping and dreaming better.

I can’t remember when I’ve felt this good. I mean this seriously. I feel light. It hit me the day after the soul retrieval., this inexplicable joy. The day after that, I felt so energized and light it was overwhelming. I don’t know how else to put it. I could breathe and walk and move lightly – it was a feeling I remember having before, during a very good time in my life, as though a weight had been lifted off me….I really do believe you breathed some spirit into me.

I feel more grounded. I am also feeling more energized, too.


I do feel different as a result of the soul retrieval. I continue to integrate each day and feel a real difference in my relationship with others. I've also made some changes in my life as a result of the
session with you.

1. I decided to discontinue medication (with the knowledge
and support of my psychiatrist).

2. I have been better able to cope with the death of my
father...I don't feel as clingy to the memory.

Additionally, I recognize and have discovered a whole new
way of looking at healing

So much has opened up!


I feel more peaceful.


The healing helped me to center myself and get in touch with a lot of my inner "workings". It also helped me get grounded in my own healing work.

The experience was very specifically beneficial; still processing results. Look forward to working with practitioner at some later date to learn more about process.

I was having very serious mental health issues at the time of my soul retrieval, and the retrieval stirred them up for me even more. This may have been a good thing, but I’m still feeling too raw to make that assessment. I did feel that the soul retrieval showed me pieces of myself that I need to integrate, but I don’t feel I have integrated them yet.

I have a sense of empowerment.


I feel resistance about doing the 28-day cycle (a full lunar cycle) [of integration]. However I am doing it. It is an interesting and valuable process. The raven will help me see what I have to do and help me remember.


I think you do wonderful work. I will be back for further sessions.


I enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and I am excited for our upcoming session.   I have been running around, but I have taken some time to ground and meditate on the messages I received.  I seem to be experiencing waves of emotions and thoughts, which are a part of the process.  I look forward for the opportunity to learn more tools for exploring my soul parts and totem animals for a deeper understanding. Take care and I hope you have an incredible week...I'm sure that it will be filled with many emotions.


I had had some prior soul-retrieval done by another pair of shamans in Florida, and while much of what they said felt accurate, I felt they were over-zealous in their efforts, and actually 'cut' a little TOO much - sort of like cutting a rose bush off at the ground, rather than 'pruning' it.

However, I did feel that they were correct when they stated that I had lost more than "a few" soul-fragments (approximately 12, in fact...) during a near-death experience in 1994, as well as picking UP some fragments of a dear friend/lover who had died a few years later, and that it would require a second effort to retrieve the remaining missing fragments - there was too much to accomplish in one journey. I also knew that I did NOT want that process to be completed by them, as they seemed 'heavy handed.'

My experiences with you, Joan, were delightful, and brought a definite sense of closure - I felt 'restored', but without the traumatic sense of upheaval the other process had caused.



There were several areas worked on. Some of the results were a dramatic elimination of the conflict, problem and in some instances pain. And some of the aspects like the power animal brought some immediate results and some longer term.  Also the healings actually revealed the source and/or cause of conflict that I was actually not self aware enough of to resolve. Once revealed by the soul retrieval work I remembered and knew occurrences that were parts of conflict causing unease and restriction.  I was particularly surprised by the past life soul retrieval that has since given me a whole new way of dealing with my birth and relation to family and events. Very empowering, invigorating, and the healings have brought on greater ease in life. Thank You. Over all great results.


I thought the experience was wonderful! I felt so invigorated and confident. I have tried conventional therapy but find that this experience, along with some past life regression I have done and other "energy" work, have made the most difference in my life. I have been able to reclaim parts of me that were lost, renew them and move forward through what had become a cloud of emotion, attachment and illness. I wish more people in our society would give themselves the opportunity to have this kind of experience. I especially wish criminals and the severely mentally ill would have access. Given all the traditional religious consultation that is offered especially in jails and so consistently fails to truly help people - it’s unfortunate, this option isn't offered.


I feel lots of good energy and clarity.



My stomach was in knots for two years. When you pulled out the energy of the woman, the knots were gone! I’m talking to my soul parts and getting information.



In Navajo, usually two members of the tribe participate in the cure of a sick person, a singer or medicine man and a diviner. In Navajo, there is no general word for diviner, but generally it means “that which he knows”. Divining, common to most cultures, is the skill of gaining inner knowledge or wisdom beyond the five senses. Those who have this ability are regarded as practitioners of prophecy: shamanic soul retrieval is a lot like this.


I requested a soul retrieval because I had a “knowing” that I had some energy blockages but didn’t know what caused them or why. I needed the help of soul retrieval to locate and release them. Soon after my soul retrieval I noticed people at work responding to me more positively, as if some sort of invisible shield or bubble was removed. In time I have been able to live more fully and in the present. The burdens of my past are lighter. I feel more at the cause of my life, rather than at the effect of what happens to me. It’s obvious to me that I did have an energy blockage and it was released. I still had to do the spiritual, emotional and mental work of reflection to heal, but I needed the energy work of soul retrieval to provide the catalyst toward my journey toward “wholeness.”

I feel that your work for me helped to trigger other events and experiences that helped to facilitate my forward movement, along with other ways I was working.

I felt excellent! The singing voice inside me changed for a while (better). I was able to relate to Lion Power Animal!

I have had several sessions with Joan. Some have provided me with new information; some have given me insight into past experiences that I didn’t know affected me to such an extent; some confirmed experiences with an uncanny accuracy.

I got some good insights from the journey. I feel motivated psychologically to integrate the soul parts. I had had pain in my shoulder for a long time, and you mentioned incidents of past trauma that had caused this pain. Since the soul retrieval, my shoulder has been physically unlocking, and also the emotions from those incidents have been releasing.

I felt more solid following my soul retrieval. Another way to describe the sense of it was that I felt there was more of me and I felt more grounded.