Divination & Healing


Divination & Healing is useful for answering questions the client has ("Should I take this job offer?" "How can I resolve this conflict I am having with my friend?"). In a Divination & Healing session, Joan does a shamanic journey to get information about a situation in the client's life, so it can be understood better.

Divination & Healing may also involve doing direct energetic healing regarding the situation. This energetic healing may be for the client to change some fear, anger or sadness he/she has, or it might be a negotiation on the spirit plane with the person the client is having a conflict with, such as having both parties cut energetic "cords" that are keeping the conflict alive. The Divination & Healing session also includes intuitive counseling to help the client identify any self-sabotage occurring in the situation. It may also include finding a ritual that the client is instructed to do in the days/weeks after the session, which will help the client complete the transformation. Retrieving a soul part may be part of a Divination & Healing session, if retrieving the soul part is required to resolve the issue that we are working on.

When you feel you are at an impasse and that some spiritual-intuitive work would help you to understand the situation better and make a breakthrough on the energetic-spiritual plane, Divination & Healing is in order!

How much are the sessions?

All sessions with Joan are 60 minutes for $80. You can pay by cash, check or credit card.

How do you conduct a distance healing session for Divination & Healing?

When I do distance healing work, the client emails or phones me to explain what he/she would like me to journey about. What issue would he/she like to resolve? We arrange a time that I will do the journey, and also a time for the post-journey phone call, if the client feels they want to speak by phone after the journey (sometimes people prefer to communicate only by email.)

At the appointed time, I do the journey just as I would if the client were present. If I am returning soul parts to the client, I visit the client in spirit form. The client does not have to be doing anything special during the time I am journeying, he/she can just go about his/her daily activities.

After the journey, I write what I saw and did on the journey, and email or postal mail this account to the client. It's helpful if the client has access to email, since the client can receive the write-up of the journey that same day. If the client wishes, I speak with him/her by phone to answer any questions he/she might have. Preferably, this phone call is done the day of the journey. The whole process can also be done just by email, if the client prefers.

The total time of the session, including determining what the journey will be about, doing the journey, writing the results and phone call is 60 minutes, the same as if it were a session done in person. The phone conversation after the journey to talk about the results is approximately 15 minutes.


What is the difference between your Soul Retrieval sessions and Divination & Healing sessions? How do I know which one would be best for me?

These two sessions are basically the same process; in either session, I do a journey in which I look for soul parts, Animal Spirit Guides, extraction and messages from guides. The difference between a Soul Retrieval session and Divination & Healing is whether we start with the intention of retrieving lost energy, or whether we start with a question that the client wants answered.

Soul Retrieval session - If the client says they feel they lost soul parts or energy and need them back, we do a Soul Retrieval session. This session may include Soul Retrieval, Animal Spirit Guide Retrieval, extraction and messages from guides. I always ask for whatever healing the person needs at that time.

Divination & Healing session - If the client has a question about some issue that they have, and they are looking for a solution to it, we do a Divination & Healing session. For example, the person wants to know, "Why do I always have problems with relationships?" "Why am I having financial problems?" "Why am I having this health problem?" A Divination & Healing session starts with asking for messages/advice from guides about the question, but a lot of times the answer to the question is to do a Soul Retrieval, Animal Spirit Guide Retrieval,  or extraction

Note: In Divination & Healing, I generally do not answer questions about specific timing, such as "What day, month and year will I meet my life partner?" Instead, I will get information that reveals the energy surrounding the question, and I am guided to do energy work that can help you towards your goals. For example, if we start with the question, "Why am I having problems finding a life partner?" I may get the advice from the guides, "You will find your partner when you heal from the relationship you had 10 years ago that is making you afraid to love again." Then the guides will instruct me to retrieve your soul part that left at the time of the relationship problems 10 years before. That's why I call it Divination & Healing: rarely do I simply receive advice from guides. Instead, the guides almost always have me do some type of energy work (Soul Retrieval, Animal Spirit Guides Retrieval, or extraction) that will help you solve the problem

How do I pay for a healing session with Joan?

Sessions are $80 and last approximately 60 minutes.

In-person sessions are done at Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W Belmont, Chicago. Click here for directions

We accept payment by cash, check or credit card. You can also send the payment by paypal

  • Send payment by paypal to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or clicking on paypal button below
  • for distance healing, you can pay by paypal or call Joan at 773-327-7224 to do a credit card payment by phone


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact Joan 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you may be billed for the session.